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SocialAudio is where everyone can participate in meaningful dialogue, real people are influencers, and ranks reflect community engagement.SocialTalk helps you find and join these communities and gamify engagement. Right now, we're only demonstrating SocialAudio on TwitterSpaces.We aim to create an open-source Social Audio platform where you control the rules, data, and terms. This is our mission.


social audio

We're already rocking the social audio discovery and analytics spaces in Web3 using our flagship SocialTalk platform — NFTTalk.space — live since mid-April. We plan to launch SportsTalk.space in Q1 of 2023 and continue to launch more social audio discovery, analytics, and gamified communities throughout the year.



SportsTalk will launch in Q1 2023 and feature a gamified social audio experience using TwitterSpaces as the first integrated platform.



Our flagship platform, SocialTalk, is deployed in June 2022 and has been helping build the Web3 NFT community by providing a gamified community experience on TwitterSpaces.



Health, both physical and mental, is in our minds. We can live a better life as individuals and as a tribe by improving both. Discuss health matters with fellow humans and learn life hacks from each other.
We are looking forward to launching HealthyTalk in Q1 2023.



Grow your music, business, and fan clubs by speaking to your audience.

Beyond 2022


We are exploring metaverse lounges and townhalls to provide a more immersive get-together experience than ever before. We believe 2023-25 will be breakthrough years for the growth of metaverses beyond gaming and gimmicks.

About Us

Built in USA

We're web2 experts with a decade-long enterprise e-commerce solutions business. Our founder, Kabir, has been a published author of Web-related technologies since the inception of the Web.


Kabir, M

Kabir, a published author of Web 1-2 technologies and a highly experienced mid-level enterprise e-commerce expert, has architected many web solutions in the last two decades. SocialTalk is a spin-off from his 20-yr old EVOKNOW, Inc. company founded in California

Our Team

Web Experts

We have been programming the Web since Web 1.0. Our team consists of highly experienced web developers who have run our custom-developed, multinational e-commerce platform for the last two decades.

Privacy & Security

Your Data. Your Rule.

We're constantly working towards allowing users to control their data in their way. This is a challenging endeavor as many mega-corporation still controls access to user data thru API and other technological barriers. But we believe transparency about user data is the first step.

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Currently, we are only accepting ambassadors for our NFTTalk.space project. To join as an ambassador, please DM @nfttalkspace on Twitter.

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There are many opportunities in the SocialAudio space. We're helping startups and non-profits find community leaders who can grow their communities through a social audit on platforms like TwitterSpaces.

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